CCBJD 2014 ,June 7th,2014! Welcome BJD lovers ! Be sure to come enjoy our "Sweet Social Event"Happening Saturday! Munch on Cupcakes,sweets & snacks while relaxing* meeting new people* included in admission only ----->$10 or 15$ at DOOR .


Welcome to the Official California Coast Ball Jointed Doll Convention Site !

CCBJD 2014 June 6 & 7th 2014

This site and the people that are behind this site are working hard to bring Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJDs) and Vinyl BJDs together for their 3rd annual convention. We would like to announce that *all* dolls are welcome to attend not just BJDs and can take part in the photo opps. So bring your Pullips, little Obtisues and anyone else who might be doll-less that you would like to share the fun with.






New News and Current Updates

June 8th,2014


December 5th,2014

Wow another end of the year upon us! I just wanted to say if you have not had a chance, go over to my YouTube Channel ( Search Astrid Yrigollen ) I am going to have a lot more dolly related things and give aways on there next year. Please subscribe and say hello.

December ,5th,2014

WOW ! We had an amazing turn out and time at CCBJD 2014! Thank you so much to everyone who attended, vended, gave their support as a Donor,Supporter or Sponsor! Special Thanks to our special guest Volks, please visit their newly redone website

We will be posting pictures this week of the fortunate winners that won prizes from Luts

Fabric Friends and DOlls

and Ken No Kokoro Dolls

once we down load everything from our camera!

June 5th

Hey Guys have you gone over to Luts to see that CCBJD has it's very own pop up?How cool is that? Luts is one of our sponsors with all sorts of gifts this year.

Luts CCBJD Sponsor


Online registration is now closed. Saturday Door Price $15



New Donor & Online Registration closing

Someone made the comment about donors "They just keep coming and coming!" It is great to see all the people that are contributing .

Please join me in thanking Makkuro Shop Artist Amelia C She is donating some of her super cute totes for attendees at CCBJD this year.



Also I am closing online registration tomorrow morning so if you know someone that is lagging about signing up let them know they will have to pay at the door or send a payment of $15 via paypal or in cash.

Gif courtesy of

June 3rd,2014

I just want to thank our newest donors for CCBJD! It is so wonderful to see the BJD community selflessly pull together to add to the happiness of other bjd enthusiasts. From larger companies to the sole proprietorship to your regular collector so many people have contributed to CCBJD over the years.

Please go over to Dream Cloud Creations and thank them for donating some items to CCBJD.We are not sure if they will arrive on time for this weekend's convention but it is the thought and support that counts!

Also please thank Little Reisuke (on DOA) for donating some gifties, she is not able to make it this year but wanted to participate in any way that she could.

June 1st,2014



I have emailed everyone who expressed interest in attending the dinner but I wanted to post it here as well:

The dinner location on Friday has changed. It is now 12 mins. approx. from original restaurant )down the freeway to the buffet located at

:Sweet Tomatoes

40 Crescent Dr
Pleasant Hill, CA
(925) 676-8493

Same time as in email.If you have any questions please let me know.

May 30th,2014

I wanted to post a layout for you guys since this year we are a little more spread out then usual. You can download the PDF HERE to see the inside area of CCBJD and where we can relax outside Also for Handicap Access there is a Elevator through here at ground level.

It goes up to the outside of the library then follow the walkway towards the rec center ( DO NOT GO IN TO LIBRARY) stay on path.

The library and rec center are side by side separated by a large fountain.So it looks like this if you were standing it in front of it:

Also we are encouraging people to take Bart if you can!

May 29th,2014

The dinner option is now closed we want to thank everyone who signed up for the dinner. Our group will be bigger then our last one. Remember this is just a informal meet and greet with vendors and other BJD lovers. We each pay to the establishment ourselves ( unlike past events) . For the convention itself,I will be closing online registration next week so if you haven't signed up make sure you do so or you are stuck with the at the door price of $15.

May 28th,2014

Dollies supporting Dollies!

I just want to thank Alameda County Fashion Doll Club ACFDC for donating some items for CCBJD next month.If you don't know about them,check out their Facebook page here:

Their group looks really fun & CCBJD hopes to get together with ACFDC for some future fun ( but smaller) events later this year.

May 27th,2014

We hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend.We spent ours working on CCBJD stuff.Everything is coming together as the date approaches quickly. We are also still getting in donors! Please welcome Vetales, a small studio overseas which specializes in small bjds. We do not know what their donation will be yet but I am sure it will be cute!

ALSO a new FAQ was added:

Q: I have a coupon for CCBJD 2014 I picked up at....How do I redeem it?

A:Sign up normally and the discount will be refunded within 24 hours ( unless it is on a weekend)Or you can present it at the door on the day of the convention.

May 23rd,2014

Hi Guys, as you noticed I do not update on the weekends, so today I wanted to double up on the announcements because we are getting busier here in CCBJD land.One, I'd like to encourage you to sign up online if you haven't already because it's 10$ online or 15$ at the door. Save yourself 5$!Or you can pick up coupons at select locations in Japan Town in San Francisco.

Second, I want to thank my two newest CCBJD supporters TOONAROONA and Facets by Marcia and hope that you do as well since all the vendors, donors and sponsors and yes, even the special guests love to have feedback about their participation in these events! If they do not hear feedback, what is their incentive to do it again? So take a look at the vendor list and the donor list and please give them a shout out for participating in ccbjd 2014

May 22nd,2014

Please give a very warm welcome to our newest vendor, Makkuro. Makkuro does beautiful illustrations,makes jewelry and pins and is a overall creative person with her own distinct style which I love.

Makkuro will be vending via a representative who also happens to be her mother and my teacher,Mrs. Izumi . Tokyo native, she herself is a very talented lady,proficient in multiple languages,kimono dress,and Ikebana among other things, but she will also be taking orders for hand made kimono for your dolls.

Mrs.Izumi does not have her own website but please go over to her daughters site and facebook and give her a warm welcome!


May 21,st2014

We are very excited to introduce this new vendor, Star Dust Garden. A trio of local BJD enthusiasts, this will be their first time presenting their traditional and varied BJD ensembles. Please take a look at their website here:

May 20th,2014

Please drop a line to Luts Dolls, for becoming a sponsor of this year CCBJD. They are donating a lot of neat things including a doll for some fortunate attendee!Please give them a shout out of thanks for supporting our convention.

Dolls of Mine has contributed some items for some of the random give aways! Please visit their shop and thank them

May 18th,2014

Please give a shout of thanks to the DOLL PEDDLER for supporting CCBJD 2014.They are donating some neat little gifties for the gift bags :)

May 17th,2014

Please welcome a returning vendor, Bare Naked Dolls! Last event they had a beautiful assortment of resin BJDs. Make sure you stop by their table!

Also just wanted to let you all know that there was a lapse in updating because of two things, one I was injured ( I'm better now) and two the website hosting service was not letting me do any work, we to a glitch which I had to be on the phone with their customer service for awhile :( But we are on are on track and ready to go now though.

That being said, I have 3 vendor tables left if anyone wants to make some deals this is the time to contact me and do it! :)

May 14th,2014

Please join me in thanking a new Donor to CCBJD 2014,

They are donating some items for your Dollfie Dreams to wear! Some fortunate person is going to win their donations so please join me in liking their page and thanking them.

They also have these links for people on FACEBOOK and TUMBLER

May 13th,2014

Hi Guys I just wanted to provide you with a additional email since my Yahoo one( ) You can contact me via my secondary email but please CC the yahoo one as well so I can see what is getting through and what is not. My Secondary email is Additional You can contact us via Facebook , DEN OF ANGELS ( User AICHAN) DOLLFIE DREAMERS (User AICHAN) If I have not responded to you within 24 hours after emailing ( unless it is on a weekend please try these additional methods of contact.

May 9th,2014

Please welcome our two newest Sponsors, Mask Cat Dolls and Fabric Friends & Dolls!Getting to know Maskcat has been a real pleasure.While their BJDs are the "new kids on the block" this company shows a lot of promise that it is here to stay with fresh new sculpts! They promised to send us some neat goodies so make sure you come to find out what! They will also be at Dollverse in the Netherlands.

Fabric Friends & Dolls is a online store that retails a lot of different BJDs and plushies.They carry company brands such as Azone,Parabox and Momoko.We don't know what goodies they are sending us yet but give them a shout out of thanks for becoming a Sponsor!

May 8th,2014

Please join me in welcoming Enchanted Doll Eyes to CCBJD this year.They will be represented by Megann so look for Megann's tables. If you can only buy one pair of eyes this con, make sure to buy a pair of Enchanted Eyes. Depth,color and over all beauty, everyone should have at least one pair!

We want to give a shout out and thank you to Grace Fairy Patterns. We all know Grace to have been making lovely patterns for our BJD's forever. Thank you Grace for being a supporter of CCBJD 2014!

May 7th,2014

Have you seen "Ken No Kokoro BJDs"? Well if you haven't please take a moment to check out this talented young woman's Sculpting prowess. Though she is in Spain preparing to go to a Barcelona Doll convention, she took the time to Sponsor us with one of her heads for a give away.Some fortunate person will win her at CCBJD 2014! Click on her banner to go to her shop or click Here to go to her FACEBOOK Page.

May 4th,2014

Some of you may remember Black Kiss Aesthetics from our last event when she did a awesome job conducting a face up tutorial. Please welcome her back back as a vendor. Not only will you be able to talk to her about face up commissions, she also makes colorful little outfits for your resin kids! Check out her shop!

May 2nd,2014

Please join me in welcoming "La Esperanza Doll Shop" She will be joining us as a vendor this year at CCBJD .Wigs,clothing,jewelry and even Face's ups check out her shop or her face book page! This vendor is a mini con all into her self!

April 29th,2014

Hi everyone! Just a quick note about the Orinda Bart station. I made a page for easier navigation if you are walking. Google maps info in OUTDATED.It takes you where there are no side walks. Please see my overview on where the ped pathways are from Orinda Bart to the venue Click here

April 28th

CCBJD would like to thank "Wicked Smileys" For their sponsorship!Please take a look at her website for her catalog of unique items!

This year Wicked Smileys will be donating unique, crafted pieces for your BJD's hair.Check your goody bag for them! If you haven't signed up yet, sign up for your chance to get one!There is a limited amount of bags available. We will make a announcement when they are no longer available.

April 25th

Please join me in welcoming a new vendor : KNH Studios:

She may be new to CCBD, but she is not new to vending or crafting for the BJD community! Please check out her webpage to see what sort of new goodies she will have to offer at our event!

April 23rd.2014

Please join me in welcoming a very sweet vendor : Mischief Maker:

She is new to CCBJD this year but not to selling and vending at different conventions.Some of you may already know her and her stock! We are glad to have her and her variety of crafty goodies and offerings!

April 21st,2014

Thank you for being so patient with our server migration but as the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait! We are super exited to announce our special guest, Volks USA.We do not know what goodies they will bring with them yet but please take a look at their Facebook page( The website is under construction)

Volks has a rich history in Japan in the model toy and anime figure world. With stores sprinkled through out Japan and their flagship store in historic Kyoto, they also have offices here in California ( but no show room). They made their mark, creating the Japanese Ball Jointed Doll that set the standards for aesthetic and quality as The creators of the Original "Super Dollfie". If you have never seen Super Dollfies in person, now is your chance to meet Volks and their beautiful ABJD's at CCBJD 2014!

April 20th,2014

We are happy to announce a Vendor who has been with us since the beginning has returned this year with her goodies, Darleen Foote!Darleen doesn't have a website because she doesn't need one! She loves and lives the Doll circuit! Darleen carries dolls by Dollstown , Connie Lowe, Peakswood and will have clothes and furniture. We are so happy you are with us again Darleen!

April 7th,2014

Please welcome one of our newest Donors and a local favorite,Echo Wigs! Echo Wigs will also be offering some of her custom wigs for your resin kids at CCBJD this year.Please check out their shop and pick up something for your resin angels today!

April 3rd,2014

We just wanted everyone to know that tomorrow April 4, the website is going to be down for some routine maintenance. This is on our Host side. They said it will be for a few hours but you can never tell.Sorry for the abrupt notice, but we were only informed last night.Things should be back to normal April 5th.Sorry for the inconvenience.

April 2nd.2014

We all know that our BJDs are not content with just clothes and wigs, they sometimes need *cough* want*cough* the little extras that make their dolly personalities shine through.Our newest donor is Jaci Chepil, owner of "Sellie Court" , a self taught artist. Jaci and her dog Zipper make delicate wings for your bjds. She takes all kinds of commissions so check out her store!

April 1st.2014

Take a look at these darling little hand knitted items for your lovely little ones by Aims Creation, one of our newest Donors:

"AimsCreation: A little hobby boutique for my handmade creations." well thank you Aimee for making your creations apart of CCBJD 2014!


Let me introduce you to one of our newest donors,the amazing,creative SilverBeam. She has taken BJD making in to the 21st century.She had graciously been working on a special donation Doll just for CCBJD. Perhaps you will win this unique creation during our " Name that Sculpt Game" ? * Details and sign up for game coming soon*

Here is what the artist is teasing us with:

"A Tiny Fantasy ball jointed doll, this little ice sprite will surely melt your heart. Iceling is a cute 3d printed doll that is easy to blush and customize. Inspired by icicles and snowflakes, the doll is 3D printed and has two plastic materials of nylon and acrylic. a basic white material and a special frosted transparent material for a special winter theme. Created By Silverbeam Dolls, comes blank with one set of eyes."

Well we all here at CCBJD appreciate your participation and generosity SilverBeam. Check out SilverBeam's shop where she also sells cool accessories for your dolls and takes commissions! Come on, you know you want your own custom Sephiroth Sword!

March 20th,2014

We just got back from the Volks Sales and Tea Party event and had a wonderful time so forgive the lack of updates! It was great meeting so many of you in person and look forward to meeting you at CCBJD this year! Also just a reminder, that when you register online you get a gift bag and we still have some available but we are running low so make sure to sign up. Otherwise it's 15$ at door and no gift bag :( Also please drop us a email/message if you want to sign up for the "NAME that Sculpt game" Name ten sculpts for neat prizes!

Feb 28th,2014

Megannart is a returning vendor and a all around multi-talented gal! She carries a little bit of everything including Blythe and Pullip size items as well as larger MSD size clothes. Please welcome :

Feb 27th,2014

Today I am happy to announce we have a not to new making BJD items,but a new to CCBJD this year, Vitta Vera! Vitta Vera makes fashion attire for your larger dolls,everything from casual separates to complete outfits for a dolly night out!

Feb 26th,2014

We are excited to announce another long time supporter of CCBJD has just signed up for another year with us.For sultry or demure designs for your larger dolls please check out and join me in welcoming PamSD


For anyone that has been to our previous BJD cons, you know that PixiDust Designs has been with us since the beginning. A terrific person and an awesome clothes designer for your little BJD kids, please join me in welcoming PixiDust Designs!


Who doesn't need hand crafted, fine gold and silver jewelry for their precious resin ones? Please welcome our newest vendor :


Please welcome our newest Vendor,who carries Resin BJDs and a assortment of fantastically priced BJD clothes !

Feb.18th 2014

Out first vendor has signed up! With a little bit of everything for your BJD's, Please welcome

Feb.13th 2014

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Attendee 10$ Children 12 & under free. Vendors can choose the 75$ main room plus light lunch or the secondary Smaller room for 55$. Vendor tables are on a first come first serve basis. We have TWO vendor rooms a shared demo room and nice outdoor space for sitting chatting and eating cupcakes with our new friends! Also please note that this year's CCBJD is a little different. Friday night dinner is a pay at the establishment, casual ,Italian buffet. YOU pay the establishment directly. This applies to vendors as well.We also have a nice outdoor space for sitting and chatting and eating cupcakes with friends.Any questions please email us.

We also have our first Donor who was actually a vendor at the very first CCBJD. Please take a look at ;

Moomoochi adorable accessories for your BJD's!

Feb.3rd 2014

Added nearby accommodations to hotel section. Also do not forget, just like last year you can sign up thru us for a room or ride share. Please see the link from the left hand side menu for info.

January 31st.2014 We are happy to announce the date of CCBJD 2014. It will take place June 6 & 7th. Please click on the " Location" button to the left to see more . Registration will open next week!

Jan 28th 2014

FAQ's updated

January 22.2014

We will be updating the website with new info regarding Date, Time and Place for CCBJD 2014 next week :) So if you are a vendor, donor,sponsor or attendee check back with us! We are also in the process of archiving our old lists (vendor and donor) which will still be available to view as we area always grateful to everyone who has helped make CCBJD successful in the previous years. We will be updating our FAQ to reflect some current issues in the BJD hobby as well.

Where can I contact you if I have questions about anything ( vendoring/attendance/location/ etc)?


You can send your comments and questions directly to You can contact us via Facebook , but email is the quickest and we encourage you to plan carpool and make your plans on these outlets! Also there is a room and ride share page for our BJD convention so if you are in need of a ride or room share go there and get the info!